Compassion Ministries


Compassion Ministries

School Back-Pack Program

  • New Life Food Pantry partners with Vigo County School Corporation in concert with the school Back-Pack Program.
  • New Life Food Pantry helps to provide kid-friendly food to students who are food insecure, by sending home a bag of adequate and nutritious groceries for the weekend during the school year.
  • Through the Kids’ Back-Pack Program, weekends without adequate nourishment are no longer an issue for children in households where sufficient and consistent food supplies fall short.

Back Pack Food

Summer Lunches


Families who rely on free or reduced school meals to feed their children throughout the academic year are left struggling to find a way to keep their children fed when these programs end and summer vacation begins. Through our Summer Lunch Program children receive a bag of nutritious food items that are kid-friendly, shelf-stable, and ready to eat with little or no cooking.

They also enjoy a hot meal prepared once a week during the summer months by the staff of LITTLE LIFE DAYCARE.

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