House of Prayer


House of Prayer

A HOUSE OF PRAYER is the destiny for New Life Fellowship.  We have picked up the mantle and are embracing the challenge to not have a prayer life but to indeed have a life of prayer.

The Prayer Room is accessible by the outside door in the southwest corner of the church.

Regular times for the Prayer Room to be open are during office hours (Monday - Friday 9AM - 2PM), as well as Women's Prayer on Tuesday @ 7PM, and Men's Prayer on Tuesday at 7PM. Please contact the New Life office if you would like to make arrangements outside of these hours.

You will find it easy to pray in this House of Prayer where music helps to create the atmosphere to pray and resources are available  to help you know how to pray.

We invite you to take advantage of this wonderful place of prayer!

NOTE:  During the month of January each year, our Prayer 300 program is in full effect and the Prayer Room is accessible from 6 AM to 9 PM daily.