New Life Fellowship has broken through some barriers and is ministering in our local schools

P7 – Project

  • Equips and empowers students to be leaders in their schools
  • Encourages youth pastors to disciple, inspire and persuade students to unlock their faith in their schools
  • Expresses the mission, purpose, vision, rights and core values to school administrators
  • Evangelizes middle school/junior high and high school campuses


Project 7 Core Values

  1. Accountability - Take responsibility for our actions on and off campus that influence the lives of others
  2. Communication - Show love to everyone through our words and actions
  3. Empowerment - Empower students to take initiative and give their best to the mission God has for their life
  4. Integrity - To act with honesty and character without compromising the truth
  5. Leadership - To lead with courage in order to shape the future
  6. Relationship - Encourage relationship with God and with Others
  7. Community - Establish community among the student body and use that strength to impact the local community through service projects and supporting current causes