Table Top Bible Study

4 Bible Lessons - Discovering Jesus and Salvation

The table top Bible study is a great teaching, born out of years of studying. 

The Bible is not only the Bread of Life but it is our bread. The Word of God is more important than our necessary food! There is nothing in all the world like the Bible. It is the place where we discover the way to Heaven and the plan of salvation. Jesus instructed us to search the scriptures as they testify about Him.

Table Top Bible Study began around kitchen tables with a glass of tea and a few people, thus came the term “Table Top.” It was meant as a discussion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This study focuses on the two key questions of the Bible:

  1. What must we do to be saved?
  2. Who do you say that Jesus is?


The Gospel is often given various definitions but in the pages of this study we find that Paul defined it for us and for every generation that would come after him. The Gospel is more than the Good News. Paul said it was the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now and forever, the Gospel shall be His death, His burial, and His resurrection and we must follow the Gospel in order to be saved. It is the most important decision anyone will ever make.

So, let’s sit down and have a Table Top Bible Study

Lesson 1 - The Gospel
Lesson 2 - Water Baptism
Lesson 3 - The Baptism of the Holy Ghost
Lesson 4 - The Godhead